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Things Of Note ...

Well, hello

I can't believe it's been over two months since I blogged.  I have never taken this kind of time away and didn't mean to do so this time.  I did not plan to take the summer off, but looking back, I am super thankful I did.  I needed it.  I needed to completely plug into our family and my girl before she started her journey in college. I look at the photos and videos on my phone and know it was so good for me and us. 

my girl + my niece 

But, I am ready to dive into each of you and to the job I love, writing and sharing inspiration. As I am sitting here at my desk, the music is up, I have a large water and a bag of gummy bears, and I am ready to share some amazing things. Thank you for reading, sending messages, and supporting us as we transition from our youngest at home to her life at college. 💗

First of all, she loves it so much.  My dad texted me this morning to share that her excitement for college was so much fun, and he knew she was very happy.  No better message could be sent; I am thrilled for her.  How am I?  Adjusting.  I am slowly getting used to having two children out of the house and far away.  I am a mama who likes her babies in the nest, but we have raised them for this, and to see their joy as they fly the coop is truly amazing. I will adjust; it just takes some time.  FaceTime calls help so much, and I have let her take that lead and have not been disappointed.  I have a to-pack list to share with you Wednesday.  We were so prepared, and I am so thankful for those who shared with me, and I will now share with you.  Being prepared made move-in so very easy!  

Second, I am thrilled to share that my Bauble Stockings have been picked up by Dillard's.  Yes, I said Dillard's.  I am so happy and so excited and know that Kate worked so hard to make this happy for her products, and I am just really happy to be along for the ride.  I love those pups and can't wait to see them sell out.  They currently have the pink pup stocking and the blue pup one.  

We got a puppy. 🐶 Yep, when one baby left the nest, I grabbed another. I will share more in a separate post, but she is everything, and Birdie loves to play with her.  They spend a lot of their day running and chasing one another around the house.  It makes me so happy to see Birdie make a friend. Millie ignores her, but she pretty much does that with all dogs. She is a beagle and was 13 weeks old when we got her. We all adore her, and I love the puppy phase and watching her discover so much. 

In the past month, I rearranged the living room, prepped to install bamboo blinds, cleaned our area rug, and am ready to put it all back together.  This room hasn't felt like us since we put in hardwood floors, and I think all these things will help.  I love the new setup seen here, and I think the rug and the blinds will make it feel cozier, which I haven't felt recently. I will share more when it is done. 

What's ahead for me?  Lots of writing, lots of home décor, more outfit sharing, and adventures I can't wait to dive into.  Stay tuned ... a new chapter is unfolding!


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