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What We Packed For College

I was very overwhelmed at the idea of packing for school.  I clearly remember my move-in; clothes, bed linens, a bedside light, and a few things I wanted from home in a trunk my stepmother had gifted me covered in school stickers. The move in 1987 was not the same as the move in 2023.  Plus I had half a room plus a shared bathroom for four in the two joint rooms and the shower curtain, etc. was provided.  Now we were talking about a suite ... so her own room, a shared bathroom, a den, and a kitchenette.  The girls and their moms divided up the shared spaces, which made it a breeze, but other than that, I was clueless about what she would "really" need. 

There are so many move-in videos on YouTube, and so many tours you can take for your specific dorm and suite and we found each of these very helpful.  We also watched two videos made by a darling girl from her move-in and her move-out and used the list she created as a perfect starting point.  I was sure we would add and subtract from her suggestions, but as you can see below, she was pretty much on point. I loved the move-out, but I really loved the "what I didn't need a video" the most.  I can't find it again, I have no idea how my daughter found it the first time. I am sharing the list we made below along with the scratch-outs we didn't need and ended up returning. 

Now remember this is for a Freshman girl.  I have two friends who moved their sons to Alabama as well, and I will get one of them to share their list with me so we can compare. I hope this serves as a resource for you as the darling girl and her videos were for us. I can tell you making the list for the first time instantly helped my anxiety. (Eta ... the link for the Freshman Boy is at the end of the post!)

Here is the list we used.  I have made notes to share where we found items, and which ones we used.  I hope this is helpful, I know it would have been a life source for us. I have also linked all of the items I bought from Amazon in this link; Prime day shipping with easy returns was a lifeline. 

Headboard - Room 422
Curtains - we found ours at HomeGoods
Curtain Rod - HomeGoods
Curtain rod for closet - We used a shower curtain rod from Target
Trash can (bathroom) - Amazon
Trash bags + trash can (bedroom) 
Utility cart - She uses it for snacks and protein drinks in her room
Shower caddy
Bedside lamp
Mattress protector, zips - Amazon
Fan that can be tall with multiple speeds - Amazon
Topper - Amazon
Bed suspenders
Duvet and cover - Amazon
Extra blanket - Chappy Wrap
Bedside pocket
Storage Ottoman (used to get into bed)
Long charge card - Five Below (10ft)
Desk lamp - Amazon
Drying rack - Amazon
Laundry Bag 
Laundry detergent - Tide pods from Costco
Beach towel - Weezie
Makeup mirror - Amazon
Medicine box - Amazon
Tool kit - Amazon 
Portable charger and cord for studying elsewhere - Five Below
Brita - Amazon
Extra Brita filters - Amazon
Coffee maker - Amazon
Swiffer - Costco
Vacuum - Amazon
Cotton swabs and pads - Target
Collapsible Laundry basket - Walmart
Large-size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash - Costco
Hangers - Amazon
Wall decorations - Dormify
Command strips and hooks -  Target
Lululemon sling
Drawer organizers for desk and bathroom 
Backpack - Northface from Dicks Sporting Goods
Rain Jacket - Amazon
Rug - we used a 6x9 from HomeGoods
Heavy-duty blue bags - Amazon

A couple of add-in thoughts ... I bought white frames for her art from Hobby Lobby.  They were on sale but very inexpensive at total price and very lightweight.  You don't want anything heavy on the wall. Also, even though she has a full refrigerator in their kitchen, we bought her a small one for her room.  We did it for two reasons, storage of her protein shakes, and it keeps her fan at the perfect height to blow on her in bed.  The refrigerator was just $100 and was close to the upgrade for the taller fan and the price of something for storage.  So win, win. 

I will share more links in a separate post, I know it is a lot to take in!

ETA ... Here is the link for the BOY list that I promised to add.  Open it and save it to your Google Drive so you have the direct links!!

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