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Is anyone else craving cozy pieces? The crisp chill the last few mornings has me hunting in my closet for the coziest pieces to add to my daily outfit. Yesterday, I pulled out a comfy cardigan from a few years ago to wear for coffee in my pjs, and then I never wanted to get dressed. My favorite thing about fall is the extra cozy layer or two. With the new closet, I am very picky about what I am purchasing as I do not have a lot of space, so it is a one-in and one-out policy.  I found when I folded my sweaters and hung up my shirts, I had a number of navy sweaters and way too many blue-striped shirts.  It is time to add some variety and color to the mix. So, with space in mind, here is what is on my mind to replace a few older sweaters I have that I am ready to part with.

First of all, these Lake Pajamas sweaters.  When I heard Lake had introduced sweaters, I was very interested to see them.  Every single thing I own from Lake, I think, is special and super cozy, and their sweater collection looks to be the same.  My first instinct says this is the sweater for me, but this one is also fabulous. They have a third selection, which I love too, but the Jane is just so much more my style. 

Second of all, I just bought this sweater. Look at the ruffled collar and those buttons.  I think it may be the most perfect button-up sweater ever made. My first choice was navy, but I chose grey since I don't need another blue sweater.  It is cozy and lovely and runs small, so size up. Also, I recently learned that a store will match the online price if you ask them to. That was a fun and affordable perk.

I really want a varsity-style sweater as I think it is a classic that never goes out. I like the idea of this one. I think the black and cream would be stunning layered over a blue stripe shirt and, of course, gingham. I would also love to find a red and blue one or maybe just blue?

This one is blue with yellow details, so cute as well. 

This one is so classic with the cream, green, and navy.

I also found a cute white one with pink details and added it to my Amazon storefront for October.  I ordered it and will report back.

I have this sweater and love it so much.  I would buy it again and again. The pattern is perfect, and I get so many compliments when I wear it. My sweater is more oatmeal, but the cream is perfect. 

And you know I bought this sweater and have zero regrets.  The green is perfect; of course, it has a beagle.  Need I say more? 

Bring on the coziness of a sweater, a throw, and a fire.  Anyone else? 💗

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