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Planning For Christmas

Well, planning for Christmas décor, that is.  Last year, if you recall, we did not get to even think about decorating for Christmas until December 22 when the last contractor left and it was not relaxing or joyful at all. Honestly, I just wanted to skip decorating but I managed to push through and was thankful that I did. It was completely different than every other year as I was tired, emotionally strung out, sick from all the drywall dust, and just so very weary. This year, however, is very different and I am already gathering and planning for decorating every single bit of our main floor. 

I have some images I pulled for inspiration, I am thinking of lots of colors, even more ribbon, and lots of twinkly lights. I want it to feel magical and full of the joy that is meant to be the Advent season. 

Since we have a puppy who loves to chew, there will be no tinsel and the tree will be "planted" into an urn. She loves a cord and anything she can squeeze into her mouth so I have to be careful of what she is able to find and pull down. 

My aunt gifted me a box of her velvet ribbon and I can not wait to layer them on the tree, the garland, and the mantle. It was such a sweet gift and it is filled with all sorts of sizes and colors. So this year my theme will be a lot of color, not just two or three. I am using pink, green, blue, orange, white, gold, and even some dark pink leaning toward red. So, lots and lots of fun color.

I am so excited to decorate that I am breaking my day-after-Thanksgiving rule to decorate next week.  We are going to my brother-in-law's for two days for our feast, so I won't be hosting or needing to decorate here.  With that, I am going all out starting on Monday. I have almost tidied and prepped the house for all the goodness; just a few more things to organize and put away, and then it's a holiday palooza over here.  

I truly can not wait.

You can find all these images and so many more on this board on my Pinterest account!

Happy Thursday ... 

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