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Beauty Routine, An Update

I mentioned yesterday that I am still using clean beauty, but my products have changed a bit as I think my skin needs and requires.  I am committed to using clean products any time I can, as our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies. After listening to my husband's oncologist talk during our first meeting, there are many things I can never un-hear, and that day, I started my journey into clean products for our bodies and our home. First, I began with our cleaning products, food storage items, skincare, and makeup.  The best part about switching to clean products is how well my skin responds to the items I use.  Fewer additives mean my skin absorbs what it needs and shows major differences. 

That makes me very happy

I have switched up my beauty routine just a little and listed everything I am using below.  As I stated before, I have transitioned from all Beautycounter to various products, but I still use my favorites from BC.  The options for clean beauty have expanded, and so many really amazing options are currently on the market. I have added two things that really make a difference for me. First, I double cleanse.  Once to remove my makeup and once to clean my face.  Second, I found a clean, dry shampoo that extends my hair washing and contains rosemary oil, which is so good for your hair. 

Here is the updated list - (all products linked below except for BC products linked in the list)

AM ...

Cleanser - Tula Cult Classic Cleanser
Toner - GOOP Glycolic Toner
Oil - BC Brightening Face Oil 
Day Moisturizer - CR Extreme Recovery Cream
Sunscreen (for no makeup days) - Supergoop Glow Screen
Tinted Moisturizer - BC Dew Skin (I use shade 3)
Concealer - Ilia True Skin Concealer
Contour + Highlight - Westman Atelier 
Blush - Merit Cream Blush
Eyebrows - BC Brow Gel
Mascara - Ilia Fullest Volume Mascara
Lash Booster - Dime Beauty
Dry Shampoo - Bondi Boost Dry Shampoo
Shampoo - BC Daily Shampoo
Conditioner - BC Daily Conditioner
Deodorant - Lume (I use the cream) 

PM ... 

To remove makeup - Pharmacy Green Clean Makeup Remover
Double Cleanse - Tula Cult Classic Cleanser
Toner - GOOP Glycolic Toner
Serum - Resurfacing Peel
Night Moisturizer - BC Recovery Sleeping Cream
Eye Cream - CR Retinol Supreme Cream Eye Serum 
Lips - Laneige Sleeping Mask

I may not wear makeup every day but I do use all my am and pm skin products religiously.  I really believe having moisturized skin is key, and these products are my absolute must-haves!  If you have any questions, pop me an email or leave a comment!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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