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Heading to Amelia ...

I am headed out this morning to a favorite travel spot of mine, Amelia Island.  I have shared this before, but this is a favorite spot of mine from my youth.  My mother, grandmother, and I have been many times to celebrate many things.  My favorite would be a trip my mother and I took after college graduation while living in Atlanta.  It was the summer of 1994, and I met her there. She was attending a conference and I was along as a plus one.  I walked, biked, and relaxed during the day and then we met up at night for dinner and a view of the ocean.  After that, I drove to Orlando to see my then-boyfriend, now husband.  It was a time when we were living a long distance away and trying to figure out if a life together was feasible.  

Oh,  look at us now!! 

To follow along, follow me on Instagram. I will post in real-time during the day, showcasing the adventures, a daily recap, and a post-visit travel guide.  I am taking a dear friend who has never been, and I would love to see someone else experience something I love dearly.  If you are familiar with St. Simons Island, it has the same feel, with tons of history and tons to do, see, and take in. 

See you when I get home!


(image via The Omni, Amelia Island)

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