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Mother's Day With Lake Pajamas

The most important gift you can give any mother is to show her she is loved and appreciated for everything she does. Often, I feel like the sacrifices I make go unnoticed, and I know I am not alone in this feeling.  As mothers, we are the first to scratch off our wants and needs to ensure our people have everything they need. I have plans, but you need me; those plans are now nonexistent to me. I think working mothers must feel this so much more.  Oh, the struggles we face.  And Mother's Day is the best time to show your mother that she is loved and appreciated. 

My favorites are as simple as ... "I never tell you, but you mean everything to me". 

Most of all, I love to receive a handwritten note.  A text is just as good.  I save them all; they mean everything to me.  I know you set aside the time to compose your thoughts for me, which means more than anything you can buy.  Now, if you want to buy me something ... I can easily make that list for you. 🤣

Two of my favorite things to own are great pajamas and a fabulous dress, and I have found Lake has both. With the release of the Brunch Dress, the company has hit the market for the perfect dress.  You can belt it, go without it, and add sneakers or heels.  It is a go-to church, to dinner, to a lady's lunch, and also a perfect dress for travel.  I have the lavender, but it is also available in green vines and a stunning white with blue embroidery! 

Pajamas is the number one thing Lake Pajamas does best.  They are known for their stunning prints and incredibly soft and enjoyable selections.  I love both the pants and the shorts options; this set is the best.  I would consider this the ideal choice since you have both a long and short pair in one. If you need other options their Mother's Day shop is filled with beautiful and fabulous pajamas, sets, and dresses.  

Here are some to add to your radar ... 

Relax Pants set in Dusty Blue (I have the navy and love it)
Brunch Dress (any of the three colors are fabulous!)
Striped set (wear as pajamas and out as a cute set)
Hammock shirt dress!
Nora Cotton Cardigan
Pima Bundle (you get both shorts and pants)

Any of these with a handwritten note is the perfect gift!!  xo

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