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The White Uniform ...

Any day you stand in front of your closet and struggle with what to put together, it can be fixed with two pieces: white jeans and a great white shirt.  This base will instantly set you on the path for a fantastic day.  You can build anything with a great pair of white jeans and a fabulous white top.  I have found it to be my favorite outfit, especially when the weather is crazy, and you don't know if it will be chilly, warm, or all the temperatures.  

With that excellent base outfit on, you now get creative.  Are we adding a pair of sneakers and a great baseball hat? Do we need to meet someone for lunch and swap those two accessories for something more, maybe a great sweater tied around the neck and a cute pair of flats?  Does it need to be styled for travel, and then do we need a warmer layer on top and some comfy but chic shoes?  I am telling you the options are endless, and the chic base is the key. 

I have linked my favorite white jeans and tops below, but honestly, any combination you have will do.  And if white isn't your color try it with another monochrome look.  Black and white are always chic, and navy works and ivory or tan are another fabulous combination.  The key is the simple and tailored look the two base pieces provide. 

Give it a try and see what you think. It is, hands down, my favorite uniform!

Happy Friday ... 

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