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My Itinerary For Palm Beach

As you well know, Palm Beach is one of my favorite getaways.  Whether for work, a girl's trip, inspiration, or just a few days to myself, no place gives me the same peace and glow.  I love it so much that I can't stop talking about it.  When I talked about it in the past, I got questions about how I would spend my time while I was visiting.  I have listed all my favorites but have not mapped out a dream trip until now. 

So here you go ... my perfect four days in my favorite place

Day 1

I love to arrive by lunch (I take the 11 am flight from ATL) and head directly to Bricktops for lunch.  The Uber can take you straight from PBI to The Colony. I drop my bags at the Hotel and walk to lunch from there.  Always say yes to the glass of rose they are offering you, it is the best start to the trip.

Next shop on South County Road and end up at Lycette Designs.  This will take you to both Lori Jayne shops, Julia Amory, The Church Mouse, C'Oricco, and many more. 

Back to The Colony to refresh and have drinks at Swifty's.

Dinner at Seafood Bar, a late-night drink, and people-watching at HMF before returning to the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast at The Colony café, coffee + overnight oats or a pastry.  I love the iced lavender Matcha and the coconut overnight oats. 

Head to Worth Avenue to shop. Begin at one end and shop the entire way to the end; do not skip any of the vias. 

Lunch by the pool from Swifty's and relax for the afternoon.

Refresh and drinks at Honor Bar and dinner at the Palm Beach Grill next door.

Day 3 

Breakfast at Benny's on the Beach (go early; they don't take reservations)

Walk on the beach and do some shelling, uber back to the hotel.

Spend some time on bikes, strolling the streets and homes, taking in the landscape and the beauty of the island. 

A quick bite from The Colony café for lunch  (I love the curried chicken wrap + bubbly water), and then head to Dixie Highway for some fabulous antiquing. Don't miss Circa Who on the way back.

Refresh and rest.

Dinner later at buccan

Day 4

Breakfast at Sant Ambroeus and then walk and shop at Royal Poinciana Plaza

Pack up and have the hotel keep your bags and walk to Pizza Alfresco for a late lunch, a perfect last meal. 

Head to the plane, early evening flight 6 pm ish

Fly Home

Can I go again immediately? 😎

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