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About me ...

The Pink Clutch was born in 2007 out of a desire to connect to my creative side as a stay at home mother of three.  Our middle child was born with special needs and no one who really walked the same path we were. In many ways my special child and the path we walked left me feeling very different, and alone.  The world of blogging had just begun and I was intrigued by the online journal I would be creating with my posts.  Over the last ten years (yes 10!) the blog and I gave changed and grown but the desire has remained the same.  I write to inspire myself and in the process hope to inspire others to learn something new, live life with joy, travel, entertain, take chances in their homes and personal lives and to life live full of color.   And just like every other human my life is filled with challenges and I hope to share them when I can with the hope that someone else walking the same path will never feel alone.  Life is hard and I truly believe we rise by lifting others along the way. 

A little about me ... 

I was born in California but almost immediately moved to Central Florida, Lakeland to be exact. I lived most of my life spending Saturdays at the beach with my mother and our best friends and to me there is nothing more calming than the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  You can find me sporting flip flops almost nine months out of the year and most times during the colder weather.  You can never take the Florida out of the girl! I graduated from college with a pre-law degree but after a few years working in a law firm I knew it was not for me.  I jumped ship to my other passion, fashion, and worked my way up the ladder working for The Limited, Inc.  With a background in fashion I get pretty giddy about an ironed woven and shopping for the perfect outfit!  And don't even get me started on my love for a rolling rack, I still use one daily in my office to organize projects. Itching to finally live with real seasons I moved to Atlanta in October 1993 and never looked back. Although a huge part of my heart will always remain in Florida ... the rest of me loves the seasons and raising a family in Georgia.  There is nothing like living in the deep South ... well, maybe ... a second home at the beach. 

Our house is a constant canvas to me and I am forever changing something.  I am also very spontaneous.  I think this is fantastic ... my husband would tell you its frightening since he loves routine and would love for nothing to ever surprise him.  I can get an idea and two hours later be completely consumed in painting the kitchen back splash tile or up at the wee hours of the night painting stripes in the foyer or even more ... a whole room.   I love to move furniture and have been known to rearrange a whole room only to decide two days later that the furniture looks better all split up in different rooms. Styling a room, an outfit, or a vignette takes me right back to the long days working retail.  I just love it and think restyling my house may be the best way to spend a rainy afternoon or weekend.

I married my precious husband in August, 1995 and we began our life in the suburbs of Atlanta.  We have three kids (an extra for two + years), two dogs, and a full but crazy life.  With two boys and girl life has never been better.  As with all families there are struggles, but we have built a tight knit family that has weathered many a storm together and grown by leaps and bounds with each one.  Currently in 2021 we have one in high school, one in a gap year, and one who graduated college in 2020 and is working as a computer engineer and loving it. I truly believe in finding the joy in all things and these people are everything to me.  They bring me the greatest joy and the most peace in troubling times.  Family is everything and always will be. 

I hope you find a place at this little blog of mine, I know it has inspired me almost every day for the last ten years.  Some days it is comfort and some days it pushes me outside my comfort zone, but it always, always inspires me and I hope it inspires you as well. 

Thanks for reading ... and feel free to comment or drop me an email!! 

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