Consuela is pooped!

These were mine all day yesterday!!! I decided we would have a marathon cleaning day and work all day until late afternoon, get showered, gussied up and hit the town. Of course with three kids that meant semi-cute clothes, dinner at Johnny Rockets and a splurge run to Target! But all in all it worked out great. They were pooped and we were all jammied and tucked in at 8:45 pm sharp!!! Yummy!!!

So, back to the cleaning ... we do not have a cleaning person. When we started therapy for Little Mister last Spring my cleaning "lady" had to go. It was sad and I know I cried ... HARD!!! It is not that I do not enjoy cleaning my own house, because I actually do, but it is big and hard to clean all in one day. Since Lawyer has been MIA these past couple to weeks I have been spot cleaning and it is making me crazy. So, CRAZY mommy (as the 11 year old termed me) a.k.a Consuela and her buckets hit the house and was not stopping until it was done! Oh, the shit you can find when you realize your kids has been only half doing their chores! Like, Little Mister who "makes" his bed with all the dirty clothes still in it, or Little Lawyer who stuffs things under the bed instead of putting them away, or Babycakes who decides to "feed" the fish after I have completely cleaned and edged the jack and jack bathroom and I discover 100,000 brown fish beebees to be cleaned up. I lost my shit so many times yesterday at them I am sure they will obey for atleast a week! Little Lawyer finally said to me ... "Mom, you have to let me help you, you are losing it!!!" Yeah, I know pretty funny in retrospective ... but bad at the time! My friend MAC said that your kids being afraid of you is a good thing when they out number you, but I do still have some guilt!

So, on this bright, shiny Sunday am I am proud to say I have cleaned this house ... all three floors, five bedrooms, 4 and 1/2 baths, hardwoods and carpet of it! Now, we just have to find an outside activity to last all day so I can enjoy how clean it is again tonight! Last night I was way too tired to fully enjoy the shine and the smell of it all!!!

Any one else clean their own house? Do you have a system? I would love to hear it ...

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