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Enjoy this yummy pink and red photo! I would love to see these sitting on my counter ... but since I do not bake and don't have a cook on staff, that will not happen!

The boys are off at school and Babycakes is feeling great today! I am going to count my blessings. I need to finish planning my Valentine brunch today ... I LOVE Valentines day. I also have a few things to monogram for Shop Girl and baby things to finish for Paper Girl. And lastly, I am trying to swim out of the sea of laundry I have upstairs!!!

It is a glorious day here in Atlanta. The weather is cold and crisp and the sky is blue ... my favorite kind of day! Have a great one ...

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  1. I love checking your blog. I love the pics. Today was nice here in South Ga as well. So beautiful--went for a walk w/the kids. I also had brunch at my house for a few of the moms whose children go to my son's preschool. Tell us more about what you are planning for Valentine's Day...??



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