Seriously exhausted!

So ... I guess I was tired last night. I slept until 9:40 am. I almost fell out of my bed when I looked at the clock. Really? Almost 10 ... that rocks!!!

Huge day of cleaning out. You would not believe the amount of crap that accumulates the last couple of weeks of school. I am talking some serious crap. We started in Little Lawyer's room. He and I made the bed, tidied (a bunch), put away all the stuff he wanted to keep from 5th grade, pulled some scary stuff out from under the bed and make that room SPARKLE!! Then he was off the play at the SIL. Gone the rest of the day.

Ok, now Little Mister's room. Same story. Bed, dust, tidy ... organize! This room needed serious help. You know the kind where you refold every drawer, put away each toy into its own space. This sort of thing. Went on forever.

Babycakes' room. Super way cute. Pink and light lime to the max. One big preppy room. Totally love it. This room needed dusting, vac and all kinds of clothes refolded and put away. That chick needs nothing!!! If you see me out and about please stop me and ask me where in the hell I plan on putting whatever I am holding preparing to buy. She needs not a damn thing for atleast two years.

So when that was all done I got ready to tackle the sea of laundry. Broke it all out and had about 8 loads. There was no way that was ever gonna get done this weekend. So ... I packed it all up and headed in the Jeep to the laundry mat. This was a great plan. Tackle it all in a couple of hours and get some time alone. Oh yes, you heard me. I took my Gain detergent, Gain fabric softener and Gain bounce to the laundry mat. If you have never been there I feel for you. It was a blast from my poor childhood past. My mom and I would go every week. I loved it. All that detergent in those tiny boxes. It was the bomb. Still is ... at least the one I went to today. Super clean and the Asian guy was super helpful. He pointed me to the very large machines in the back. Got it all done, folded and put away in less than three hours. Just you try to beat that.

Now I am super pooped. Sitting here blogging, dog sitting on my foot. Boys watching TV with Daddy and Babycakes is fast asleep. Perfect day of cleaning, organizing and laundry. And you just know that laundry mat smells fantastic. I mean the sea of Gain I used will keep that place fresh for days!!!


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