Toof Fairy!

The nanny came this morning and I was off with Paper Girl to Scotts Antique Market. Second weekend of every month you will find me there!!! We get in the car ready to go and my cell phone rings. Here is the conversation ...

Little Mister: Hi, this is Little Mister.
Me: Hey baby, what's up?
LM: I lost my toof.
Me: You did, it was finally ready to come out?
LM: Not exactly, Babycakes and I got into a fight and she hit me and my toof fell out.
Me: Babycakes hit you ... what happened?
LM: I didn't want her to turn off the TB and she got mad and hit me and my toof fell out and now I can't find it.
Me: It is ok, the Tooth Fairy will come any way, we just have to write her a note.
LM: That is what Daddy said.
Me: Did Babycakes get in trouble for hitting you.
LM: Oh yeah ... Daddy took care of her.

And there you go ...


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