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Summer Swap goodies ... oh my!!!

My Summer Swap package arrived this weekend from my fabulous partner! In the confusion of all the weekend company I put it on my desk to discover in a less chaotic time. Totally forgot about it, until this morning! I was so excited to realize I had not even cracked the seal on the package! Now that is a great surprise!! Realizing you have a sursy waiting for you to discover ... it does not get any better than that!

I did not realize that my partner was such a swap professional!!! My package is awesome. Each piece was perfectly wrapped, ribboned and labeled! (I would show you its fabulous wrapping, but I got a little excited and ripped it open too fast.) I will post photos later today. I am not pleased with my camera right now. The batteries are not cooperating. I do not know if it is the camera or the batteries (or the operator), but it is not pleasing me! At all!!

Heading to the Super Walmart for snacks and goodies today. I will be checking out the camera situation and get back to you.

I owe you photos ... closet and swap ... I haven't forgotten. Pinky swear!



  1. Oh yeah! I am always worried that someone might not like what I send them. So relieved that you had fun opening everything. Woo-hoo!

  2. It's here, it's here!! My package just arrived and you know I tore right into the thing like a crazy woman! LOVE IT ALL!!! I cannot believe how you spoiled me- so fantastic! Pictures and a blog post to come tonight or tomorrow- I promise.




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