True friend?

So what makes a true friend? Does a true friend stand there and say nothing when you compliment a transexual on "her" great hair? Apparently! And does a true friend let you try on a dress and then tell you it might look better if it was not on backwards? Meanwhile she is bent over in half with laughter? Yes ... she does!!! The greatest friends are those that make you better than you are, laugh with you and at you and are there for everything. I am truly blessed! I have the greatest friends!!! I would not trade them for anything!

Photos of the closet to come. My batteries are dead in the digital and need to be charged. But .. do not despair. I will post them in the am.

And for all you addicts ... Whim just went 30% off at Target!!! Get off blogger and get to the big T peeps!!

Oh ... and Etiquettely Correct ... yes I monogram professionally. Bring it on!


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