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Breasts ... and not on the chicken!!!

Ok, so I have mentioned before that I am a vegetarian. No meat for me, thanks! But ... I do go to the Big Chick about once a day for a large sweet tea extra ice. So after getting Moes for the boys as a treat I popped in tonight to stock up for the evening. Had a project to do so some sugar and caffeine a big plus!

So as I am driving into the drive thru lane I see this woman sitting in the outdoor playground area. She is sitting in her chair and something just does not look right. At all. As I get a better look I realize she is sitting on the very edge of the chair and leaning forward to breast feed her baby who is laying on the table.

Ok ... before I go any further let me just stop here. I need to mention that I do not care what people do, really I don't. Now I may talk about you (a lot), but I really do not care what you do. You just left your husband and need to talk about it, call me, I am your girl. I will not tell you it was a good or bad idea I will just help you problem solve what to do next. Like where you are gonna live and where you are gonna hook to pay for your new life. Really, do not care about the rest. But ... all that said, you do something really stupid I am gonna talk about it. A lot.

So the fact that she was breast feeding in public is not really the issue for me. It was her decision to make and I completely support her in the decision. It is the thought process behind the details that have me stumped. Like why she felt the need to lay that baby on the table and not hold him. Not lying, he was just laying flat on the table nursing. And why he was out in 100 degree heat at such an early age laying on that nasty table. Please sweetie, hold that baby. And the fact that she was leaning so far forward in her chair. That can not be comfortable at all. And then the bare breasts just laying on the table. Do you really need both nipples exposed at the same time? Isn't there the occasional time when one breasts leaks while the other one is being drained? Cuz really mine was like a faucet that had just sprung a leak. And she was not a first time mom, she had her husband and two other children with her. We can not blame this on first timers disease! The whole situation is just sketchy to me. And yet I was unbuckled and leaning out my window to catch all the scary details. Like a bad train wreck you can not stop watching.

Who knew I would stop in for tea and get a drink and a show? What is up with that?



  1. This is truly bizarre. (and very funny and I'm sorry you will have that image burnt in your mind for all time!)

  2. Gross! Table can't be that clean. I personally have no children but when I do, I will imagine I will try to keep breast feeding private, arent there shawls or something?

  3. Just too funny!! I posted my own breast in public story today too after reading this!

    Did my swap package make it to you yet? I'm just checking to be sure it's not lost in the postal system somewhere. :)

  4. I knew I should have taken my breastfeeding into the bathroom...

    hee hee hee

  5. girlfriend I am with you on this one. And I've not read your blog in a week and I'm loving the updates from puke to suffering to breasts! We MUST meet when I get to HOtlanta because we would be great friends. And yes, I won't breastfeed on the freaking TABLE!!!!

  6. You sure did get a show! That is gross...dirty table and nothing sweet about that feed. I used to love to feed my children...hold them, cuddle them, relax with them. Gone are those days. I would have been leaning out my window too!

  7. That's odd. I have no kids and I know not to do that!

  8. I have no problem with breast feeding in public, but that's... I don't know. Ewwww. I cracked up at the image of you hanging out the window to catch all the scary details. Too funny.



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