Free Lilly?

Paper Girl and I met at the mall yesterday morning. She is headed to the beach this week and needed some cute new things. She really hasn't bought anything since Paper Baby arrived and is not in love with the hips God gave her to get him out. She is the tiniest person ... really, but is not so happy that the hip bones can not be run off. Aren't we all ...

Anyway ... we headed to Phipps Plaza to check out the sale Lilly. Oh, I sorry I meant the free Lilly. Because I swear ... they were giving that stuff away!!!

She got a lot of very cute things. Two skorts, one pair of shorts, two tanks, a skirt, one jacket and a few other things I am having trouble recalling. And she spent $280. But really that is not the exciting part. The receipt said she saved $480. Yes, these clothes were originally $760 and she paid only $280. Like I said free Lilly. If your Belk carries Lilly drop the mouse and go! Now!


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