A very long two weeks ...

Boy it has been a very long two weeks. Look at all we have done ...

Overnight Sleep study - check
Renal scan - check
Developmental Optometrist - check
Mom and Dad came to help and Hazel kicked ass - check, check!!
Burn left palm and sleep the better part of three days - check, double check, triple check
3 hour IEP meeting where they cracked and Lawyer kicked arse - hell to the yes!!!!
Sell at Junior League Mistletoe Market - check (made tons of money!!!)
Fall up the stairs at the Market and bust 2" blister bubble and make an arse out of myself -
hell to the oh NO I didn't !!!
Take two sickies to the doctor last night (one with strep and one infected toe) - check
Pick up free antibiotics at Publix - check
Hand finally healing - working on that check
Put the house back together - also working on that check ... finished with three rooms only 100 left ... please tell me again why we live in this big house?

Oh my ... no wonder I am tired ... I promise to be back to my spunky self in a day or two ... as soon as Babycakes' fever breaks and she stops crying all day and snoring all night ...


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