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My week with concrete ....

So remember that I told you we were getting a new driveway and retaining wall? And remember that I told you the contractor was a hottie? They arrived promptly at o-crack thirty on Monday morning and have been here all week ... rain or shine!

Monday they started on the retaining wall in the back yard. We have a very long wall separating our yard from the play set area. It is very long and is divided in the middle by steps. One side had begun to slide. As in down ... not safe. So Lawyer made some calls, hot men showed up and you are now caught up.

They (the amigos) got working, took down the one side and began to fix the problem. The problem ... the ground under the wall was not good and needed to rebuilt with dirt, rocks and you guessed it ... concrete. So they make some calls and sit around and wait for a truck to bring the concrete. Sitting turned into laying and before I knew it they were all sound asleep in the back yard on the slide and in the tree house. No lie, they all slept for two hours until the truck showed up. Every time I passed the window I giggled ... the one on the slide was my favorite!

Wednesday they moved on to the driveway. Every morning my little cutie showed up in his hotness and I appeared from my house in pj pants, long sleeved t, flip flops and coffee. We stared at the work, made small talk and I acted like I was completely enthralled with the whole process. Oh, do not miss understand me ... I was enthralled ... just not by the concrete. Bright and early every morning same story. Me and the navy seal staring at my driveway. He thinks I am now an expert on the whole process. The only thing I am an expert on is every single blond beautiful hair on his head. Hee hee ...

So one day I am headed out for the day. Since I can not park in my garage, or on my driveway or anywhere near my house I must hike to my car. That part totally bites. But remember a little walking is worth the morning routine! I am walking past all of the Amigos cars and the last one in the bunch always has his trunk open. Every morning like clockwork he drives up, puts his car in park, gets out and opens his trunk. Clearly it is just his thing.

So, nosy little me just peeks into his trunk as I am walking by ...

Hard hats, rubber boots for walking in the new concrete, scrapers of various sizes, trowels and ... a foot spa?

What the hell ... not at all what I was expecting to find!!! But ... I guess concrete work must be hard on the feet.

I sure busted out in laughter ... and in fact, I am still laughing!!!!

(driveway is still drying ... but I will post photos! It is fabulous with the stamped apron and all !!!)

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