What not to do when you are bored ...

Let's just say I had some time to kill this morning. And let's just say I was spending it looking up past boyfriends. We are talking guys I dated ... not like the one who got away or anything like that. There are none and most days I am happy with my choice. (Sorry Lawyer ... but there are days you would return me as well!!)

So ... the ones I could not privately stalk on Facebook I googled. I stopped when I found this ...

Seems like Mr. Stewart had a past. One I was not aware of ...

Thank goodness we only dated ... briefly ... three or four months ... and did not enter into a "relationship"! I would have been really shocked when I took him home to my parents and my dad did his routine "checking" and that popped up! And I am positive it would have considering he worked for the New York Times Company!

Holy crap ... no wonder Lawyer always referred to him as Boob!!

I think tomorrow I will read instead!!

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