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The perfect day ...

I love to socialize ... I have been known to abandon my to do list to play with friends. I know I shouldn't and I always regret it once I return to the list ... but it is absolutely worth the fun to me. I think it stems from being an only child. I was so ready to play with my friends I would skimp on chores to get there.

Well the last three weeks of focus have totally paid off. I have finished projects that have been on the books for way too long!! I hung pictures, replaced bedding, re-decorated our guest room, hung lights, framed childrens artwork, and the list goes on ... I finished things that have bugged me for ages. My goal was to enjoy the summer. Really enjoy it! Without thinking about all the things I have been wanting to finish.

So, Saturday morning after I took my parents and Little Lawyer to the airport I met Lawyer at our friends The Cleavers. It was about 11:30 am. He and Ward were sitting in their driveway drinking coffee and watching the boys play. I drove up, sat down and did not move until almost midnight! We ate, drank, laughed, watched the kids play, grilled out, watched Iron Man, tucked the kids into bed with their friends ... and had the most amazing day. It was long overdue for all of us!!!

And I am so proud of myself. I came home ... shall I say I tipsyed home ... put away the items I had picked up from the house and climbed happily into my bed. No guilt, no unfinished to do list, just joy!

And just as Lawyer was falling to sleep he whispers to me ...

"That was the best day I have ever had!"

I completely agree!



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