Facebook etiquette

While I was drinking coffee this morning I complete my morning routine. Sit in the office, check email, post comments, read blogs, read the news at cnn.com and lastly log onto facebook. It is my morning routine and I feel lost if we over sleep and I miss out!

As I was perusing facebook I noticed I had a friend request. These are always fun ... but notsomuch when they are from your friend's 12 year old son!

I have a real problem with this! Why would I want to be friends with my friends underage children? What in the world would we have in common? And for that matter what does a 12 year old do on facebook? Does he care that I am frustrated with finding activities for my kids during the summer? Does he need to know my fake stripper name? Truly ... he is way too young!!!

I honestly feel our children are growing up way too fast. I know 10 year olds with cell phones and TVs in their rooms. Why would they want to have family time when they can be sitting in their rooms watching TV and texting their friends? Seriously ... when did this start??? Little Lawyer will get a cell phone when he drives and I no longer take him every where he goes.

And as for facebook? I really think this is a high school privilege. One for he and his friends to connect with kids at school and keep in touch with those graduate and move on. He will not be friend requesting adults and certainly not my friends.

Kids his age and family.

Period. The end.


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