Just putting out fires ...

So far this week I have done nothing but extinguish fires.

That is all!

problem number 1 ... Babycakes pre K starts on Monday the 8th ... that is until they lost their funding and are no longer a pre K program ... and they waited until the 4th of August to inform me. Seriously??? Isn't there a special department at the local news station that deals with businesses who behave this way???

Spent all morning making calls ... she will not be going to pre K but another year of preschool in a great school four days a week. Not a great solution ... but definitely a great school!

problem number 2 ... Hosting a baby shower luncheon with some friends on Saturday for Hair Girl. Got the call today that the MIL and the 2 SILs have not received their invites we mailed two and 1/2 weeks ago. Why is it always the in laws who invites get misplaced???

problem number 3 ... Garage door died! I mean stone cold dead. I am left with opening and closing it all white trash and all every time we leave the house. I will deal that one next week.

problem number 4 ... Cracked the screen on the Blackberry Storm Lawyer gave me for Valentines Day ... we are so not telling him this week ...

Need I go on???

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