To explain ...

I must say I feel I owe you an explanation ... of sorts. I know I have been different lately ... ok, very different!

Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:30 am my life instantly changed. I was faced with the ugly side of life. We had just received news that my nephew who was spending the summer in Montana on the mission field was seriously injured in a car accident and it was BAD! (If you got a call from me that morning you heard me tell you it was bad, bad!) There are those moments you will never forget. Those times in your life that mark it for you. I will forever remember that morning and waking up to that call.

We as a family are very close! My husband has two brothers who each have kids. We do not have the privilege of spending a ton of time together, but the time we have is filled with laughter and love. To be married to my husband is to have a support group that never goes away. We have each others' backs. You need prayer, time alone, a drink, a night out ... you name it, we will provide it for you! It is the single best thing about marriage for me. The unending love that never ceases to amaze me.

Getting that call broke my heart. For Scott, for his parents and for the rest of us. It shattered the idea for me that we are safe. Here were four boys driving along doing nothing wrong and instantly their lives were changed. They can never go back. The last three weeks have been filled with tears, fears, endless phone calls, tons of emails and prayers non stop. And it is not over yet!

I never expected to have my blog become so person for me. I never expected to feel connected to people whom I have never seen IRL. But ... it is what it is. This blog is my vent and right now I have shed more tears than laughs and my life is all about trust.

As he heals and gets stronger each and every day our lives are beginning to return to "normal". I am feeling more and more like me each day. But I am forever changed. I am a stronger person than I was three weeks ago. I trust more and worry less.

... or that's the plan anyway!

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