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Dancing in the streets ...

It is time to party! Babycakes will start full day pre-k on Friday. Full day friends ... she will leave here at 7:30 am and return at 3:30 pm with her oldest brother!

Yes ... that is me singing and dancing!

She was accepted today! We are shopping for supplies and uniforms tomorrow and then she will start first thing Friday morning!

And I will be partying all day!!! We are talking lunch with friends, pedi and magazines on the couch after lunch!

I might party all weekend ... because I am back to work early Monday morning!

And that is a whole post of its own!


  1. That will be so fun! But I bet after a couple of weeks you miss her!!

  2. Have fun having a little me time. You deserve it.

  3. Enjoy the partying! :) Is she excited to be going to school? My cousin is starting Kindergarten and she is so pumped up about it! She thinks she entering the big leagues!



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