The book is done ... now for the movie!

It is classic with me.   A book is released and I hear its good but I have no interest in reading it.  Then the movie is made and released and I am all ready to indulge.  But I can't ... what if the book was better?

It started with Memoirs of A Geisha ... then Secret life of Bees ... then on to The Other Boleyn Sister ... and now Something Borrowed.  Somewhere in there was also The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic and Twilight.  As soon as the movie comes out I purchase and read (as fast as I can) the book so I can see the movie!   I still haven't seen Eclipse, because I haven't read the book, and Breaking Dawn is filming now.  Crap on a cracker!  

I have just finished Something Borrowed (which I read in three nights) and now am I on to Something Blue.  The house is empty for the weekend, except us girls, and Babycakes fell asleep long before 7.  So as I am waiting for delivery pizza to accompany my ice cold Diet Coke I will crack open the book.

I have to finish it quickly ... I still have Water for Elephants to read before I see it and then there's The Help.


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