Charlotte's white kitchen

I had "coffee" at my friend Charlotte's yesterday mid morning.  I say "coffee" because she was the only one of us drinking it.  After yesterdays happenings I am laying low on the caffeine today while the anti anxiety meds kick in. 

She is currently remodeling her kitchen and going all white.  Currently she has white cabinets and grey accents.  This time she is sticking to the cottage all neutral feel.  She has amazing taste and I know it will be a huge success!!!  They start work as soon as she and her family head off for a few weeks in CT and Nantucket.  Lucky dog ... we should all have such nice digs during renovation time!

She was asking me what I thought about colors and most importantly the white cabinets with an off white/cream counter top and back splash.  I am a visual person so I immediately came home and hit the design studio of google.com.

Charlotte ... these are for you!

(via google images)

This kitchen is exactly what she and I were talking about.  All white cabinets and a warmer cream color on the counter tops and back splash.  And the table color is almost exactly what she wants.  And yes Charlotte .. I love it.  The color combination is fabulous!!!

(via google images)

This photo is to show the finish of the light fixture.  If you look closely you can tell that the light fixture, the faucet and the knobs all match.  So Charlotte ... nickel is the color your light fixture over the table needs to be!  Plus ... notice the black accents in the above photo.  Although they are gorgeous ... I like the cream and off white in the first photo.

(via google images)

Last photo ... notice the walls.  They are the buff/neutral color we looked at.  I love it.  Creates the perfect cottage feel with the white trim!!!  I say go for it!!!

I have a white kitchen ... or what I thought was one until I looked at these photos.  If we weren't moving I would change my walls from tan to cream and my counters from black to white or light tan.  I would leave my island black ... but I would soften up so much more. 

I know with your style and taste ... the kitchen will be flawless!!!  I adore you!


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