Moving checklist ...

I started making lists for the move and then after the third list (because I misplaced the first two) I realized I needed to do some online research.  As I expected ... when you type in moving checklist into google you get a number of responses.  I tried to whittle them down and came up with two I liked.  Looked at both in detail and finally ended up with a great list I found on http://www.vertex42.com/.  I have no idea what they do ... just know I like their list!

I have read and re read the list a number of times.  It suggested I make a binder ... so I have done that.  Then it listed out all the things to do in a timeline.  To bad I did not already think of this ... but I was too busy living in denial.  Lucky for me I had already taken care of the "1-2 months before the move" list.

I am now working thru the "3 - 4 weeks before the move" list ... not too bad ... if I do say so!  We won't tell the list that there is only two weeks left. 

I know I have some readers in the Overland Park area ... where are you girls?

I have questions!!

Do you board your dogs ... with who?
Who is the cable provider you prefer?
Insurance provider for home/car?
Water and Electricity?

Come on girls ... what else do I need?


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