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Peace ... it finally came!

The other day I posted and shared with you the complications we had experienced with our upcoming move.  I alluded to .. but did not give you any details about the true source of the dilemma.  That source ... the new house. 

The house we had contracted to buy was a great house.  A phenomenal house to tell the truth.  Great amenities, beautiful, huge and a step up from what we have.  Truthfully I was very nervous about the house.  There were areas I would not have any furniture.  It was really a beautiful house.  One that would require more money and more commitment from me.  But it was the house we were buying and I was ok with it. 

Until it seemed we would not be able to get in with the money we had set aside.  Then ... I was at a loss.  I loved the house, wanted it and was not sure how to proceed.  Lawyer contacted his people at work and they offered to provide us with extra money to secure the house.  They did not think we should have to lose money on our existing house to make a major move in our current economy. 

Problem fixed and I was calm.  Calm ... but not peaceful. 

I started making the final plans for moving and everything seemed off.  As I entered the change of address with the USPS I felt weird.  I just assumed I was dealing with feelings of leaving our home and tried to process them as just that. 

Then I got a call on Wednesday morning ... we lost the contract on the house.  The buyer had taken two offers and signed both ... and was going with the higher amount.  It was illegal and unethical and just plain wrong and I was destroyed.  Another obstacle.  I just wanted to crawl in a whole and stay there indefinitely.  I did not cry ... I had done that the week before ... I was numb.  I was leaving town in 16 days and had no place to go.  I was sure we weren't supposed to move.  It was all wrong!

My dad was here with me when I got the call.  Lawyer had already looked at two new houses since he had known since the evening before.  He insisted he could not call and tell me until he had at least some sort of solution.  But I was not hearing it.  It wasn't the right thing for our family ... and I was not budging.  My dad took me to lunch ... liquid for me I might add ... and tried to talk me through the whole process.  I wasn't upset about losing the house but I was done with obstacle after obstacle.  He insisted I needed to get on a plane and find a solution with Lawyer ... we needed to be together to make this work.  I was not so sure ... and I was sure I had no interest in flying out to Kansas with no notice with just two weeks left in Georgia.  But I gave in ... after a long discussion with my therapist ... and flew out on Friday morning.  She insisted that we needed to make plans together.  Whether we moved or not ... we needed to be partners in the plan.   I agreed.

I saw 8 houses on Friday.  I was nervous and exhausted but mostly calm.  I liked three of them and really was leaning toward one in particular.  I could actually see myself liking this house and even making a life in Kansas.  That was never the case before.   Lawyer saw the one house I was leaning toward on Friday evening and agreed.  It was a great house.  We had dinner, slept in on Saturday morning and had conversation after conversation about our life.  It was a great time for both of us and we emerged on the same page and closer than ever. 

Saturday afternoon we looked at all three houses.  The one he and I liked and the other two.  We spent two hours in the one house and make a decision.  It was our home.  The signs were everywhere and we both loved it. 

We made an offer and they accepted.  No bs, no back and forth, no crap.  We offered ... they accepted.  Deal done, contract to be signed in the am.  The only detail left to decide is the date we take possession.  I would like it to be August 1 ... she would like it to be the end of the month.  We will meet somewhere in the middle.  And I am totally ok with it.

I flew out last night and arrived home at 11 pm.  I am tired ... but completely at peace.  I am actually a little anxious to start our life in Kansas and see all God has planned for the five of us.  I see his hand in all of this and know without any doubt we are following his will! 

These last four months have been incredibly long and I do not want to relive one day again.  I have walked through preparing our house for sale, putting the house on the market, lowering the price, lowering the price to a ridiculous number and doing it all with no husband to help out.  I have hit obstacle after obstacle and tried not to complain with each and every step.  All in all I am very proud of me.  I am tougher than I thought I was and for the most part I make clear and smart decisions.  I am almost thankful for this journey.  I will get there one day.

We have two weeks left here in Georgia.  I plan to make the most out of each and every day!



  1. As you ARE tougher than you thought you were !

  2. To risk going with a cliche'..."all's well the end's well." The older I get, the more I honestly believe this to be true.

  3. The beauty is how good you will feel about You and the mountains you have conquered! I know Lawyer is so proud to have a wife like you. I am glad you went to Kansas - very good move for now and even more for your future together. I've been in NYC for a week holding my granddaughter. She is my LOVE. Are you on Facebook? I'd love to be friends and you can see pics of her ;-). XOXO



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