You asked to see the fridge ...

Here you go!

Now let me preface by saying a couple of things ...

I go to the market (that's fancy for grocery store) almost every day.  I used to go once a week but by the time the latter part of the week came I no longer wanted to eat what I had planned.  I am not a fan of the store or cooking really but I seem to do better when I find something I want to make and shop that day.  I usually buy that days dinner and any supplies we are low on or out of.  Today my basket contained peanut butter, Clif junior bars, peanut butter crackers, milk, lunch meat, granola and some additional school supplies.  Lawyer is handling dinner so I did not need to to grab those items.

I try not to keep too many fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.  I buy what we need and we use them quickly.   Two days ago I bought apples and pears.  I have found that if I only buy a few of each they don't fuss when I serve them what's available. 

My drawers in the frig are really deep.  In the left drawer is all of my salad fixings and in the big drawer on the bottom is full of cheese, meats, cream cheese and sandwich supplies.  The middle drawer is full of yogurt tubes.  The kids go thru these like mad.  Those boxes drove me crazy.  The right drawer is Papa's. 

And remember when you email me to comment on the craziness of my organized frig ... more than one of you asked to see it!


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