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My organizational OCD

I love to be organized!  I love knowing things have a place and they are easy to find for all!  It makes me happy!!!

This is the desk in the kitchen ... all the binders are organized and labeled!  We have binders for each childs current year and one for each as a permanent record.  I keep things like report cards, awards and special notes and keepsakes.  It is hard to whittle down but totally worth it in the end.

The right side ... the red bucket is for homework.  All the needed supplies are ready to be used and returned for the next days work.

And the drawers of the desk.  I need to find a great pencil sharpener that works.  We have had plenty that eat the heck out of your pencil and then the lead breaks when you try to use it.  Any ideas Preppy 101?

Of course when you purge each year before the school year begins .. there is a major pile o'crap to clean up!  It always amazes me how much I think I need only to realize I was drinking when I thought it would be necessary a year later!

And if you are wondering if the organization just exists in the kitchen ...

I can assure you its not!  It is kind of everywhere!

Lawyer thinks its a sickness ... and I just think it makes sense!

He calls me Monica Geller and swears just like they did on Friends ... I would love a tiny vaccuum to clean the bigger one!

And I would ... do they make that?

Don't even get me started with my obsession with the fridge!  My father in law has started moving things around just to see if I have noticed ... and then he giggles when he sees me fix it!

Crazy little man!



  1. Totally impressed with your organization !

    Now that you've teased us with the fridge comment, you MUST provide more

  2. It's probably not a new pencil sharpener that you need, but pencils! I have learned that if I buy the better pencils, they last so much longer. And they even write smoother and erase better. Dixon Ticonderoga pencil is the best to get!

    I wish I was as organized as you. Love the way your desk is organized.

  3. I LOVE IT!! For a pencil sharpener, try an "better" electric one - I found after mannnny years of teaching that if the pencil is not perfectly ROUND, it won't sharpen correctly. I also used to find mini pencil sharpeners at Levenger. I'm not sure they carry them anymore. I like the "old school" sharpener that goes on the wall. Yes, I'm such a teacher! :-). XOXO
    P.S. Also LOVE your fridge. Are we related with all this organization? :-)

  4. You're my soul sister! And your fridge! That is my dream come true! I think you should start a business! Honestly, I hear about women looking to hire a closet organizer, or someone to get their basement under control all the time! You caould earn a bundle!

  5. My housekeeper and I are very proud!

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