What is the definition of the word repair?

One of Little Mister's weekly homework assignments is to define his vocabulary words.  I write the words and then he defines them.  It keeps him from getting confused and writing more than one thing on a line.  His brain works faster than his hands and that happens more than I would like to admit.  

This week one of his words was repair.  When he doesn't know the definition of the word he asks me for my help.  I always tell him to use the word in a sentence.  When he uses it in a sentence he figures out how to define the word.  He writes down the definition and then I have to check his spelling.  He spells phonetically.   

LM: What's the definition of repair.
Me:  Use it in a sentence.
LM:  My mom took the car in for repairs.
Me:  So, what is the definition of repair
LM: to fix it

Thank goodness I double checked his work ... 

You can thank me later!


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