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My cowboy

Our middle child decided about a month ago that he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween.  Pretty cute!  But he didn't want to be just any cowboy ... he wanted to be just like the ranch hand at the ranch Lawyer's best friend owns in Colorado.  

Ok ... first of all he is way over six feet.  The sexiest man I have ever seen and probably the most polite man to walk the earth.  He is the roughest, toughest and kindest man I have ever met.  He tips his hat when he sees you and takes off his hat when he enters the ranch house.  When he is near all the ladies swoon.  Heck, I think Lawyer even swooned.  The fact that he wants to be like John Todd makes me proud.  What a great role model! 

Since we won't be six foot something by October 31 ... I decided to ask him what he wanted to wear.  He made me a list.  I lost the piece of paper but here is what he wrote.

Black Cowboy boots 
Already have my hat 
The things he wore over his jeans
A long shirt
A belt and buckle

We headed out to Good Will to locate boots ... found a pair of Justin's at the first stop for $20.  Score.  He also found a great plaid shirt he liked and we purchased that too.  Hair Girl has a buckle I bought for her husband for the 70's party we attended in March so I just have to ask her for it.  I found chaps (the things he wore over his jeans) and a lasso on Ebay.  I paid a total of $40 for both.  Score big time!!!

The lasso arrived today and he has been practicing on the mailbox for the last hour and a half.  He finally figured it out.  He asked me to video him ... and now I get to share it with you!!

He's getting pretty good ... can't wait to see him do it in the chaps!


1 comment:

  1. Ahem - first order of business: Does John Todd like older women?
    Next - How presh your son will be on Halloween! Can't wait for pics of all 3 kids, and you!! Please be Judge Judy. haha. XOXO



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