Inspiration du jour ... an idea that grew into a BLOG

Almost seven years ago, 12.17.2007, I wrote my very first blog post.  It was tiny and quite simple and I remember when I posted it thinking ... well here goes!

Fast forward to today and 1001 posts later and I absolutely love this blog.  I love the friends I have met, the timeline of my life I have waiting if I ever sit down and decide to read it all and most of all the vision I have for the blog now!

As I shared recently as to why I blog, this blog is all for me.  As a mom of three busy kids with a traveling hubs it is easy to get lost in the crazy that becomes the day to day.  As I am sure many women do, I need a creative outlet.  Writing, creating, painting, designing, decorating ... it all fits the bill.

I am thrilled to be at this point.  1000 posts and very proud of this little blog!  I am also thrilled today to share with you a HUGE giveaway that I have been working on for a while!  It is filled with many of my favorite things!!

This HUGE giveaway includes ... 

Lilly Pulitzer blue tooth speaker ... this thing is AMAZING!!
Mrs. Lillien's Cocktail swatch book
Drink spike with Lilly Pulitzer monogram 
4 Lilly Pulitzer cups
(let's monogram them!)
Monogrammed ice bucket
(either a regular or Lilly Pulitzer mongram)
Cocktail napkins
Monogrammed pint ice cream holder
(let's monogram this one too!)
Box of polka dot paper straws
Square lucite tray with removable bottom to add paper
(comes with custom monogram)


Three more mystery items that I will reveal once the contest ends!  They will all be monogrammed and super cute!  Thank for entering!!

Good Luck!!

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Thank you for being the best, most loyal and supportive readers!  I heart each one of you!

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