Green walls ...

I will admit I am completely obsessed!  Every since I saw Chev V's kitchen I literally dream about these green walls.  I probably should even say it ... 

I covet them!

Yes, the pattern is amazing, but the covet-able quality is the color.  It is probably the perfect green.  The best green I have ever seen.  The perfect apple/grass color!

Isn't it?


Since this paper by Scalamandre is no longer available I am stuck with choosing another patter for my kitchen.  I have a small space to paper, really just the breakfast room and one hall ... but I think the vintage drapes and newly hung bamboo blinds (yes, I just hung them an hour ago) would be amazing popped off some to die for green walls.  

I have a few for you to peruse and vote on ...






I would love your thoughts!!  All Thibaut patterns, of course!!

Just to give you a reminder of the space I am wishing to upgrade ... here are some pics!!

I would be replacing the yellow walls with some amazing green paper!  I have already filled the chest with blue and white plates to match the rest of the blue and white in the kitchen.  I am thinking of moving the majolica plates to the den to have more blue and white plates pop on the green paper!

Would love your thoughts!!

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