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Remember our bar ... its time to REVEAL!!!

Yes, I know its been MONTHS between when I finished the bar and this post.  Yes, I should apologize for the delay.  And yes, I realize I have been busy.  

So how about we skip the rest of the chat and get on with it?

 So before I decided our bar needed some serious love ... it lived a life as simple pineapple colored bar.  Basically it was the same color as the kitchen is currently ... so I felt like it was an extension of the kitchen?

I know ... now that I think back it was WAY LAME!

But ... it isn't any more!!!

Introducing our new bar area ... 

I just love the green ruffle mirror and how it pops on the Meg Braff paper!  This paper is the Sampan in Pink Rose and Peony on white.  Perfectly punch of Palm Beach in the center of the main floor!

I am so thrilled with the brass lotus lights!  At night when they are lit its pure magic!

Bourbon anyone?

I have a new brass sink on my wish list ... just have to find a good one!

And just in case the bar seems to far away ... notice the bar cart in the den!  I know, I know ... but I do love a good bar cart!

Absolutely love this vintage painting and her new gilded frame!

My vintage wallpaper lined drawers make me very happy!

Don't you just love the changes?  That Meg Braff paper makes me happy every single time I see it!!

Thank you to my precious Amanda for shooting these to die for pics for me!  You are my own little professional photog!  And of course, it gives us more quality time together! xo

The bar is always open ... let me know if you would like to pop in for wine and cheese!


  1. Those brass lotus lights!!! Stunning! What a transformation - and fun space! Well done!

  2. Looks wonderful! I'm so glad to see peeks into your den with the judges paneling. We have the same thing in ours and I have thought and thought about painting it, but my husband would kill me. Glad to see another person that hasn't painted it yet! I'm just trying to find ways to lighten and brighten it without a paintbrush involved!

  3. Those lamps are to die for. I think you need a fancy shiny Sheryl Wagner faucet in there. She has an old design that had a cool flower. But, now some of her more modern pieces. You can find them sometimes when people remodel houses. This is gorgeous. I'd never leave the bar!

  4. Paige - it's gorgeous! love the lotus lights...they're fabulous!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the peek into your living room as well. You have a beautiful and happy home Paige.

  6. Looks great! I love the wallpaper!

  7. How am I just seeing this? It is perfection! Well done

  8. I'm looking for new knobs/pulls to update a dark wood TV cabinet I recently inhereted that my grandfather made and have been perusing your projects for inspiration. Where did you find the bamboo-esque pulls on your bar cabinets?

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