Happy Shoes-day!!!

Any one else madly in love with their shoe collection?  

Yes, I see all of you with both hands in the air!  I don't know what it is about my love for shoes ... but its a real and deep love affair.  Passionate really.  I might jump in front of a bus for a pair of mine.

But it would have to be a mac daddy pair ... not just a pair of worn down Tretorns.

For me a fab pair of shoes just makes me feel like a new girl.

With a day full of possibilities ... 

Like nothing could go wrong ... 

Am I right?

You know its an amazing pair when you think of them first when getting dressed!

When every outfit begins with the shoe ... 

And as you place them back in the box at the end of the day ... you say goodnight!

Bring me flowers and I will adore you ... 

But bring me shoes and I will possibly propose marriage!  


(All shoes and many more from my shoes board on Pinterest!)

Happy Tuesday!


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