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Easter ... and Christmas morning!

As a blogger today is the best day of the year.  Well, since it comes twice a year I should edit that.  But ... seriously people, it is the BEST day!

The One Room Challenge is BACK!!

I absolutely love the next six weeks ... I look forward to each week and following so many talented people on their journey!  And Linda is amazing ... and works her bum off to make sure we all have such a positive experience.   I am headed for a quick haircut and then back home to rest up (bad bladder sitch) and I will be dissecting each and every designer and room.  EEK!!!  So excited to dive in.  

And then tomorrow I will be linking up as a linking participant for the 4th time!  Wow.  That means I have four rooms I have sweated over and loved every single second of it!  So much work to do before tomorrow ... but I am giddy to get started!

Our Easter table is complete and ready for celebration!  I am thrilled with how it turned out, but mostly I am so proud of myself for using what I had and loving each element!

Our daily blue and white dishes paired with green lettuce plates and antique monogrammed M plates.  I just love it all!

I used monogram napkins as placemats!  I love how it turned out!

Blue and white porcelain and vintage pups ... 


Gold bamboo flatware for the win. 

These precious antique cups will be used for after dinner coffee!

The jelly beans I managed not to eat work perfectly inside my vintage champagne glasses to hold up these darling gold eggs.  And I promise you, I only ate the colors that didn't match.  xo

These tiny vintage dishes of my in laws are the perfect little bread plate.  I am so excited to own and use so many of their amazing things.  I am one lucky girl when it comes to hand me downs!

The menu is set for Saturday evening and the baskets are almost complete.  It is so much harder when the kids get older to find fun things to fill their baskets.  If you have any great things I should add ... let me know.  My sad baskets will thank you!

Off to chop the hair and then home for a marathon of reading ... 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Love the table - those colors and you know, those blue and white plates are the everyday dishes of my childhood :)
    A few years ago, the 'children' in our regular Easter dinner get together group (no family in town) decided that they were in HS and college and too old to participate in my Egg Hunt. Challenge taken. I filled plastic eggs with loose change that I collect in a jar and my car console and numbered slips of paper. The numbered slips of paper corresponded to numbered $5.00 and $10.00 gift cards to favorite places like QT for gas, Target, Chi-Fil-A, of course, and Starbucks. They scrambled like we hadn't seen them move since they were little and the adults laughed at their antics to find the eggs and collect the goods. Hard to say if they were happier about the change which added up or the gift cards. Here we are 4 years later and the first thing they tell their dates and friends who now come along on Easter about is the Egg Hunt. If the weather is great then outside it is. If it is rainy then you can hide less eggs, avoid crazy running in the house and possible breakage of treasures and just give them a list with clues to find their 10 or 12 eggs. They can even be color coded if it's just your own kids. They really love this as much or more than the goods in the basket!! And it's pretty easy, too - change and a run to one place with lots of gift cards and a quick drive thru for tea and a salad at CFA!!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Your table looks gorgeous! And now that I am obsessed with your blog, I look forward to following along on the ORC!! Happy and Blessed Easter!

  3. Gorgeous!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  4. You know you are the ORC Ambassador! Thanks Paige, you are so lovely to me, and I appreciate it. I also love your rooms. I can always get my Palm Beach Chinoiserie fix from you.

  5. Your pink, green and blue table is setting me free! Beautiful! As for the baskets, they're getting things they need/use anyway, but maybe a fun version of it. Teen girl is getting cute "southern" t-shirts (vineyard vines, southern tide), cute jammies, piece of Herend (ok, not a need) and candy... tween boy is getting "southern" t-shirts (Yeti, southern tide), crazy socks that boys love, surfer watch, and candy. Little girl is getting monogrammed bows for hair, adorable jammies, bracelets, Herend, candy. Girls also love their infinity scarves, Lilly wristlets and nike running shorts in their Christmas stockings. Hope this helps! Feel better!!



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