Inspiration du jour ... #lifelist

I have been thinking a lot lately about things I truly want to do.  Maybe its the impending graduation of my oldest and the realization that my days won't always be spent doing for three kids ... or the fact that being in NYC on an adventure was so good for me ... but my mind keeps wandering to adventures I want to have and things I want to do.  It was time to make a life list.  
It started on my Iphone with a few things I have been wanting to do.  Then I had to push myself and really think about what I want to accomplish.  My main goal in life is to raise my children to honor God with their lives.  To live with peace, grace and love.  To be independent and respectful people.  They are better than I could imagine.  They make me proud daily as they walk through life stumbling and trying again.  I tear up talking about them.  So freaking proud!

But they will grow and leave and I need to think about the rest of my life.  I have made our house my workplace for the last 18 years but is that something I want to change at some point. What do I want to do.  What do I want to plan for in the future and what do I want to accomplish now.  It has been so fun making a list, adding to things, changing others.  

I know pretty heavy for a Monday morning. 

But I am hoping to inspire you to do the same.

Here are a few of the things on my life list ~

Take a photography class
Learn how to make macaroons
Zip line again
Understand Photoshop
Antique in New York City
Tour DC
Summer in Maine
Spend a week in Boston
Learn to needlepoint
Reread To Kill A Mockingbird
Take up a sport and enjoy it
Fly in a hot air balloon
Take a helicopter ride
Learn to play chess 
See the Northern Lights
Learn to ballroom dance ... at least one dance

And my list keeps growing ... It's fun and it forces me to think about taking on this graduation with a sense of adventure instead of a sense of loss.  His life is truly just beginning.  And in ways ... so is mine!

Happy Monday


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