Monogram Etiquette

Yes, we know I am a monogram-o-holic.  

I add the dashes to make it even more of a statement!  I mean I monogram ever-y-thing I get my hands on.  It's like I am afraid someone won't know its mine ... right?
Since I post a lot of monogrammed items I get a lot of questions about my thoughts on monograms.  I always respond the same, I am old school and follow Emily Post's rules.  All the linens in the house are monogrammed in the lady of the house's monogram.  The bar ware is the gentleman's monogram.  Personally I don't love a combined monogram and will chose a single M over a combined monogram.  If you chose a combined monogram, the man is never separated from his last name.  So for us it would be pMn.

I absolutely loved this article from Town & Country on how to monogram.  The article makes four points for getting monogramming right.  I love almost all of them all.

1.  Keep it subtle.

2.  Choose it for the right reasons.

3. Limit yourself to one.  (They mean at a time, don't freak out!)

4.  Avoid home goods.  
(clearly I don't follow this rule at all!)

I say monogram it all ... #addict

Happy Thursday loves!


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