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*One Room Challenge* - week 2

Holy cow its week 2. 

 Did that fly by for anyone else other than me?!!

In case you missed it ... I am in the process of transforming our kitchen and breakfast room as an invited participant for the One Room Challenge.  Yep, big room and big responsibility.  Nope, no pressure at all!

It has been a very full week, tons of mess and a lot of progress!  If you need to catch up you can read about week 1 and the plan here, if not read on my loves.

When I left you last week I gave you the plan ... 

Tons to do ...

1.  Paint the cabinets, ceiling and all molding.  Also paint walls in the hall toward the laundry room.
2.  New light fixtures - 2 for over island , 1 in hall and 1 for over table
3.  His and hers chairs - completely new addition for us
4.  Wallpaper the breakfast room - BAM!!
5.  Rug for under kitchen table
6.  Paint island white
7.  Tile backsplash - by-bye stone ickiness!
8.  Remove desk area
9.  Remove wine rack and replace with platter dividers
10.  Add bamboo dresser and lacquer
11.  Add bamboo server and lacquer
12.  New hardware
13.  New faucet
14.  Paint bar stools and recover side chairs
15.  Art, art and more art 
16.  Style!

As with any redo you must make a big mess to get started.  This room required more of a mess than I was prepared for and I spent most of the week sorting crap and organizing while the handy man and painter got to work.

And by work I mean ... WORK!

The painters came earlier than expected and painted the ceiling.  I wasn't home and hadn't move everything in the kitchen so apparently they just put up tarps.  Umm ... m-kay.  Whatever works for you!

They came back a day later and started on the cabinets.  All the doors are piled up in my garage and they are busy painting the cabinets.  This time I was prepared and moved all the stuff off the counter. The day between painting days the handy man arrived and removed our 1980's built in desk.  You can see the space in the back of the second picture.  He comes back tomorrow to prep the walls for paint and to sand all the areas where I had him remove the chair rail.  So excited the chair rail is long gone.  I really wanted an uninterrupted area for paint and wallpaper.   

Also please notice all the crap stuff piled up on the kitchen table.  Umm yeah, the handy man left me that.  Apparently that desk held a lot of stuff.  That pile took me two days to sort out but I am much better now.  I also completely took everything out of the cabinets and purged a ton and everything is so much tidier and more organized.   The Hubs kept reminding me that when the doors went back on no one would see inside on a daily basis.  Silly man, but I would know it was a mess!  Also, so much better now!

Don't you think?

This is post cabinet and ceiling paint. I love the pale blue ceiling ... it will be ah-mazing with the wallpaper!!

 I am using Farrow & Ball paint and am absolutely thrilled with the results so far.  I was beyond excited to choose from their fabulous colors.  This paint is wonderful and the painter absolutely loves it.  This is my first experience with Farrow & Ball and I will admit I am a convert for sure!  The colors from bottom to top are for the cabinets, island and trim, the ceiling and the bamboo dresser we are using in the breakfast room.  I love the three colors together and when you add in the incredible wallpaper it makes my heart skip a beat!  Since my whole kitchen needed a serious coat (or three) of paint, this sponsor and I were a match made in heaven!

While the men were hard at work and to distract myself from all the mess I knocked some other things off my list. 

I dropped the new his and hers chairs off to the upholstery spa.  I am beyond thrilled with my new Taylor Burke Home Kings Grant captain chairs.  These chairs are gorgeous and I can not wait to get them covered in Schumacher Nanjing from DecoratorsBest.  I have loved these chairs since I first spotted them at market in January.  It was love at first glance.  I remember Julianne talking to me and her voice fading away as I just stared at the chairs!  I can't wait to get them home and love on them!  And that fabric ... chinoiserie perfection!  

Don't you think?

I also ordered this light for the breakfast room and I can not wait to get it installed!!  I am still searching for the perfect lights for over the island.  I may use fabric shades again or I may trade out ... I can't decide!  Any suggestions are more than welcome!!

On the immediate list ...

Tile back splash, paint walls and get ready to install the incredible wallpaper!!  I can not wait ... I have had my eye on that wallpaper for years and was absolutely thrilled to find it on the website of Decorators Best!  Sponsors truly rock my world! 

See you next week!

Check up on my partners ... there are some incredible spaces brewing with this group!


  1. Wow, Paige! Can we just fast forward to week 6? I can't wait to see this finished!

  2. Holy wow!!! You are killing it already!!!!

  3. Your spaces are going to be fabulous!!! I love the light fixture for the breakfast room! Keep on keepin' on!!

  4. Seriously fab! I love all your color selections and the wallpaper is so perfect.

    cristin // simplified bee

  5. You've made so much progress!!!! It looks so good. I love the colour palate and that's just so perfect for a kitchen eating area.

  6. Wow, Paige! This room will be so gorgeous! I have a big mess over here too, and sadly am not as far along as you are. Back at it! Have a good week :) xo, Andrea

  7. I'm loving the light & the chairs will be so lovely upholstered in the new fabrics.

  8. UM, Yes, Yes, and Yes. I need more Chinoiserie in my life. I love how this is going. You must have great people, because when i am not home, my painter/handyman/carpenter make huge assumptions and are always wrong. Hang in there.

  9. UM, Yes, Yes, and Yes. I need more Chinoiserie in my life. I love how this is going. You must have great people, because when i am not home, my painter/handyman/carpenter make huge assumptions and are always wrong. Hang in there.

  10. It's looking so fabulous already through the covers! Can't wait to see it! So excited for you! Xoxo

  11. You are on a roll. Gonna be amazing!!

  12. The colors and details in this room are going to be amazing! You have found some great ideas and patterns to use in here. I am so excited to follow along!

  13. Love your colors! Love the whole plan! Looing forward to next week.

  14. I'm nervous for you girl.....all that mess! Holy smokes! But that wallpaper is so freaking good I can't stand it!



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