* One Room Challenge * - Week 4

Holy week 4 Batman.  Yowza ... this is flying by!!!

Things are moving along almost perfectly ... so I shouldn't be stressed, right?

Well, that is never the case with a One Room Challenge.  There are always hiccups and bumps in the road you can't avoid.  No matter how hard you plan and prepare ... something will always trip you up.  But we will get to that in a minute!

Welcome to week 4 ... and if you are just joining me you need to know I am transforming my kitchen and breakfast room for the One Room Challenge.  I have Linda to thank for all the gorgeousness happening in my house at the moment.  I have myself to thank for all the mess!

So much happened after my last post ... and I have so many pictures to share.  It was a good week!!  First of all let's talk about the hardware.  The glorious brass bamboo hardware.  Can you tell I love them so?

I can not say enough amazing things about D Lawless Hardware.  I have new hardware in four different rooms now from D Lawless and I love each and every piece.  Their customer service is spot on, their shipping is fast and their prices can't be beat.  I will absolutely shop from them again and again!  

So good!!!

Hardware ... check!

My His and Hers chairs are back from the upholstery spa and could not look any more fabulous!!  I am beyond thrilled.  That blue and white and orange ... I am weak in the knees!

Just look at those babies.  Yowza!!!  Well, I didn't give you much of a picture, but you get the idea!  They are nothing short of incredible!!!

By the way ... did I mention that this DecoratorsBest fabric is currently on sale?  Well, it is!  Grab it up ... it's an incredible price!

Next up ... the side chairs.  They are done!   I love the texture of the leopard.  This room needed some texture! The absolute best part ... I already had the fabric.  Gotta love a fabric stash!

I was beyond excited to see my Shades of Light chandy show up last Thursday.  I may have jumped up and down three or four times in the foyer.  Ok, so I did.  The box was so large I had to unpack it outside.  It was packed so carefully and once I opened all three boxes I found my baby inside!

I stalked called the electrician immediately and begged him to pop over that afternoon and install it.  I could not wait one more second to see it hanging in the kitchen.  He was so good to fit me in.  I love, love, love my electrician.  

Don't you love it?  

And are you ready for the best part of the week?  Are you sure? Are you really sure?

My DecoratorsBest wallpaper is installed!  The installer came Monday morning bright and early and at dinner time the room was magically transformed.  And it's GOOD!!!!  I have walls and walls of Clarence House The Vase paper!!!

I can not wait to show you the whole breakfast room ... it's beyond all of my expectations.  I have loved this paper for so very long.  From the moment I first spotted it on the set of Lipstick Jungle in Nico Reilly's apartment I was madly in love.  I couldn't stop dreaming of it.  And it is more than I could have ever wanted it to be for this room.  Can you tell I am in love??

So much done and so much more to do, but its coming along!

Checking in on the to do list -

1.  Paint the cabinets, ceiling and all molding.  Also paint walls in the hall toward the laundry room.
2.  New light fixtures - 2 for over island , 1 in hall and 1 for over table - ordered!!
a. Hang pagoda chandy over table
b. Hang pendants over island
c. Hang light in hall
3.  His and hers chairs - completely new addition for us
4.  Wallpaper the breakfast room BAM!!
5.  Rug for under kitchen table
6.  Paint island white
7.  Tile back splash - by-bye stone ickiness!
8.  Remove desk area
9.  Remove wine rack, replace with platter dividers
10.  Add bamboo dresser and lacquer
11.  Add bamboo server and lacquer
12.  New hardware
13.  New faucet - ordered!! 
14.  Paint bar stools, have cushions made and recover side chairs
15.  Art, art and more art  - all ordered and here minus three pieces!!
16.  Order lucite curtain rods
17.   New drapes for breakfast room
18.  Style!

I have a lot to complete this week before styling and photographs.  A ton actually.  My contractor sort of flaked on me and my tile that should have been installed three weeks ago still sits on my counter.  I still have a hole in my floor from the desk removal and he is acting like its no big thing.  UMM, ok.  That doesn't work for me.  I have made calls to get it resolved with other contractors and fingers crossed all will work out.  Just have to keep the faith.  I know its just a kitchen, but I have a deadline here peeps.

Let's check in on the other participants.  I need some inspiration and some serious eye candy.

Like STAT!!


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