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Pillow Heaven

One of my favorite things about a room are the fabrics.  Since I am drawn to pattern I love mixing them ... and for me, the more the merrier!

With the incredible Schumacher Nanjing from DecoratorsBest I wanted to mix some fun choices.  Even though some of the choices are still a smidge up in the air, I have nailed down most of the options.  And how can anything blue and white be wrong?  

When I was deciding on pillows for the breakfast room I knew I wanted to use the pillows to bring in some fun texture.  Since the chairs are orange I was drawn to green and pink.  And how can you ever go wrong with green and pink?

I have loved Arianna Belle pillows from the moment I spotted them. She has an amazing store with incredible choices.  Think gorgeous patterns and velvet made into the most incredible pillows.  Simply put - perfection!

I had such a hard time deciding which pillows I wanted to add to my room.  Arianna was so kind to send me all the swatches I wanted and they arrived so quickly and with a handwritten note.  I am a sucker for anything handwritten.  If you take the time to write me a note I will save it forever

I almost chose that incredible green velvet for pillows, but at the last minute went a completely different direction.  That green is still calling my name.  Possibly screaming it.  I am hands down drawn to all things green. 

I am so happy I decided to request swatches.  The pillows I was absolutely sure I would chose were the first ones to be eliminated.  Isn't that the way it always works?

Aren't they all divine?  I have bookmarked more than one for future use!

I can highly recommend Arianna's pillows to you.  Her customer service is spot on and the pillows are incredible.  Of course, I can't tell you yet which ones I chose.  I am quite sneaky like that this week.  I will tell you this ... they are perfect.  I could not be happier with my choice. 


Have the best day loves!


  1. I save all the notes and letters I get, too! I have boxes and boxes of them going years back. I'm not sentimental about a lot of things but definitely am about these.

  2. Oooh those pillows, I seriously could take one of each :) Can't wait to see!! xo

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