TPC on Hanover Avenue ...

I was positively giddy when Anne Tollett of Hanover Avenue asked to interview me.  I positively love her video interviews and was truly honored when she wanted to include me.  So ... on St. Patrick's Day I put on my favorite green gingham shirt and sat down to chat with Anne.

You have seen this photo above, and now here are the rest of the shots and angles from the room.  I have been saving them waiting for this exact day to share them with you.

She loved almost all of the rooms on the main floor, but was truly interested in the den, which at the time I knew would be the last time it would be seen in this fashion.  Since the One Room Challenge was just weeks away, I was able to tell her something big was coming, but couldn't share with her any of the details.  Oh, the secrets I keep sometimes.

It was the most fun I have had in a while ... Anne is truly just as lovely as she seems on film.  We met the moment the camera started rolling and I loved our time together.  We chatted about my den, my office and she dug deep into why I started my blog and a little of what the journey has been like parenting a special needs child.  One day I will sit down and write down more of those details.  It seems like so long ago, and yet sometimes just yesterday.

The interview is here ... let me know what you think!

Happy Friday lovies!  Chin Chin to a good weekend!!

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