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The Metro Man

After a girls trip to New York City in November to celebrate June Cleaver's birthday, I decided to make Lawyer into a Metro Man. Don't get me wrong he does not dress badly, but somehow the blue and grey of the conservative law office has stripped him of real fashion! So after looking at beautiful man after beautiful man and lots of wine on my part I decided ... I need a Metro Sexual Man! Oh, this would be so hard. He is so stuck in his blue suit, grey suit, white shirt, blue shirt world! Where to start? How much to change? I mean I wanted him to be look great, but not so great that men would follow him home. Oh, that is a fine line!

We started with designer jeans. Now to me this means something all together different, like my new Rock & Republics with the studs on the pockets (Oh, so super cute), but to him this meant Lucky Jeans. He liked them and seemed to wear them at the appropriate times. Great start! Now to introduce the spread collar shirt! You would think I was asking him to go out in a 1970's plaid the way he looked at me. But Metro Man in site ... on I pushed! The kids and I bought him four for work in georgous shades of blue all with pattern. Check! Dryclean and put in closet! Next, the ties! I swear the man would not buy any tie that was not a red power tie. Well, now he owns 12 new ties ... all fabulous and none of them red! Even one pink and baby blue polka dot that Babycakes picked out. She told him it would make his eyes blue ... You go girl...perfect listening skills! Oh, the last step new shoes! We are still working on that one. I am not sure where to start ... I may need some help to convince him on this one. That or an expense dinner, lots of wine and a shopping trip with non returnable shoes. Haven't figured that out yet.

But I can report that Saturday all of Lawyer's family was coming over for dinner and the football game. He was showered, hair gelled and standing in the laundry room in a uber cute baby blue v-neck sweater and plaid boxers. Imagine my surprise as I walked by and inquired as to what he was doing! His response ... "I am waiting for my Lucky Jeans to dry." Seriously? Oh, man my hard work is paying off! He is becoming hooked!

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