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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate I hope this holiday season is filled with happiness and joy! I have enjoyed my time with my family and my friends and have truly enjoyed this Christmas! Both Lawyer's family and mine have been in town and we have laughed, eaten, played and slept! We get up the next day and start again! It has been exciting and exhausting and I would not trade one moment!

My dear friends have sent me the most beautiful Christmas cards and I treasure them all! It is so great to fill my card basket with their photos and their sentiments. I am always so excited when they start arriving and so sad when the last one is opened! There is nothing more fun at Christmas time then opening up your mailbox and seeing tons of cards waiting to be opened and enjoyed! One I received touched my heart in a special way and I would like to share the sentiment with you ...

"When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love,
prosperity, happiness ... all the good things."
-Maya Anjelou
May this holiday season and 2008 be filled with Joy! Merry Christmas!

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