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My 5 Favorite Things

As this holiday arrives quickly I wanted to share with you some things that have made my holiday season even brighter ...

My makeup – I wear very little makeup and some days none at all. But when I do spend the extra time I am really enjoying my new three favorite things! First is my Bobbi Brown chocolate shimmer gel eye liner. This stuff is golden! It looks great with any eye color and it shimmers … who could ask for more? Next is my Max Factor auburn mascara. My friend June Cleaver hooked me up with this gem! People with fair skin and red in their hair need to purchase this asap!! It makes my lashes look great and my eyes pop. Love this stuff!! Last, my Bobbi Brown clear glitter gloss tube. It is only around for the holidays and is super yummy on! It comes in a three pack with two other colors I will be discovering after the holidays and will be gone with the holiday season. Get it quick girls! Check out Bobbi Brown cosmetics at Nordstrom’s or at

My Hobo wallet!!! I have fallen hard for Hobo this year! These wallets are great and can easily be pulled out of your purse to be used as an evening clutch! Who does not love an accessory that works overtime? My Hobo wallet is a Christmas red patent leather and has a black and white gingham liner. I got it right before heading to New York City with friends and carried the life out of that bag. It now has a permanent home in my new purse. Or at least until I fall head over heals for a different color! Check out their collection at

Since reading Skinny Bitch I have become a vegetarian. Great book, very, very funny - but if you are in love with your meat do not read!!! Finding snacks that are both packed with protein and yummy has been a challenge. I have discovered a gem at the local grocery store. Planters has a Energy trail mix that has won my heart. Complete with nuts, sesame sticks, chocolate covered soy nuts it satisfies my need for both a salty and sweet snack. It comes in great individual snack bags and paired with a piece of fruit will hold me until my next vegetable infused meal!

Cashmere scarves!!! Need I say more? I have always been a fan of cashmere, but this year I have found a new addiction to it. Who wants to pay the price for cashmere? I am ok paying $100 for a sweater, but not so much for a scarf to match. I bought my first scarf of the season in NYC for $5 from a street vendor. It is an adorable pink herringbone. Super cute and goes with so many things! Why I did not load up all he had that day I will never know! I mean $5 … are you kidding me? When I returned to Atlanta finding more proved difficult. Until I stumbled on a great collection of them at Marshall’s. I have shared with my friends that the Men’s department at Marshall’s has a ton of scarves. And at $7.99 each I now have a very large collection and can be seen sporting one almost everyday!

My new tartan plaid umbrella – Yummy yummy! It was raining today and I was out finishing the last few bits of shopping! Ok, the truth be told, some shopping for me as well! I had not checked the weather or checked with my weather friend so I did not have an umbrella to protect my Christmas happies! As I walked into the Gap this morning what did my wondering eye catch sight of? A red tartan stick umbrella and on clearance to boot! I immediately checked out and popped open my new happy and shopped the rest of the morning! I will love that for years to come. Check out the Gap at

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