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38 and Great!

As I came upstairs from blogging the birds were still chirping from my ideas of a great day. Then the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella broke in and reality hit. Lawyer was on his way to the store and to get me the “perfect” bagel. In the time he was gone – read forever – I made the bed, straightened the den (twice), washed and folded two loads of laundry and calmed two, no three fights between the boys. I swear he makes those bagels instead of running down to the shop and ordering them. When he returned with a car load of groceries, remember the veggie lasagna, and the bagels we had a fabulous breakfast! Bagelicious does make the perfect everything bagel! I had my third cup of coffee, and my third daily (can you believe it?) and then folded another load of laundry! We are rocking with fairy tale excitement now!

I straightened the basement while Lawyer bathed the kids – read made a scary mess upstairs! I swear he thinks he lives in a house with a permanent housekeeper! Clearly, he does not, but he has yet to notice. I know I am strange, but tidying up the house brings me great peace! Yes, I am secretly Monica Geller … ok maybe it isn’t so secret! We had to wait an extra thirty minutes for Lawyer’s Metro Man jeans to dry. I must get that man more than one pair. He is now addicted to them and this waiting around for them to be clean is killing me! Babycakes was dressed to go in her prosti-tot jeans (another story entirely) and we loaded up the five of us and added my dear friend MAC and off we went. All went great!

Pizza and Sam Adams – check! The best ever! J
Park – we decided to skip (remember the long wait for Lawyer’s jeans?)
Lovely drive thru Virginia-Highlands and Morningside with lots of envy – check!
Kid’s movie time – check!
Latte and magazines with MAC – check!
Veggie lasagna – super yummy!
Chocolate cake – even yummier!

With the exception of the lack of contact with my parents and the best friend - a very good day! Can’t start the New Year dark and twisty, so I will need to shake that off! June Cleaver has organized all my sweet friends to take me bowling on Friday night at Atlantic Station. We will have so much fun! I will laugh until my sides ache! They are the best ever! Here’s to 38!!!


  1. Well I hope you left dark and twisty behind girl!! Just think in 2 years you can go on your fabulous 40 trip. Start planning!
    Happy Birthday dear friend!

  2. For you I will leave D&T far behind! I am thinking about an island for the big 40! Never been to one and this might be the time. Lot of pressure to look as good as you do at 40 ... but I have plenty of time to work on it! :) XOXO ... MPM

  3. I am letting you all know that I am not waiting 2 years for a tropical anything! I think we need to find 3-4 days this summer to veg out at the beach. MPM and I will look as good as good as we possibly can from all the exercise. :o)
    We will never be as tiny as June, she has genetically little bones, didn't you see the Sister?



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