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The Big 38!

I can remember being a young and counting the days until my next birthday! I could not wait to be older and have a family of my own. Oh, to be small and naive again. Now I just pray the kids are not sick, Lawyer is not buried at work and has let me to fend for myself , I get to relax (some!) and the kids all get along without any major wars! One bad thing about having a birthday so close to Christmas (oh there are so many) is the kids are still home from school. Not just home from school, but the last few days of their break when they have already out played all of their Santa toys and are now fighting with comments like ... "he is breathing my air". Sweet Jesus save us all! One more "fine!", "Iwant a new brother/sister" or "I'm going to pray for a different family!" and I will be taking the day to myself with shopping, lunch and a late movie! Actually is it going quite well ... I got to sleep in (which I never do), have had a yummy cup of coffee, and am now blogging as Lawyer is searching for veggie lasagna recipes on his laptop. All is going well! Much better than expected!! I just have to maintain a status quo and all will be a great day.

I am hoping to get to lunch at this super yummy pizza place in Virginia Highlands. When I was single and living the Atlanta life I lived behind Everybody's Pizza in midtown. The food is amazing as well as the location is prime! But I am not sure the feel will be the same with three kids and a Yukon XL. But it is worth a try. I just need to lower my expectations and order a large glass of wine and all will be great! Finish that off with some time at Piedmont Park with the kids and their new remote control toys. Then they should be worn out enough to enjoy some tv time while Lawyer is making dinner and I am surfing through my new trashy magazines and a grande nonfat latte. Oh, this day is sounding perfect! Put the kids down early, watch a great movie, play some Scrabble (my new favorite game), more wine and early to bed! Maybe Lawyer will even let me win ... do not ever play with someone who scored a near perfect score on the Language section of the SAT!!! Even losing and getting to use most of the triple word scores will boost my ego!

The perfect day ... I will let you know how it works out!

1 comment:

    It sounds like you have it all mapped out. With my birthday falling on 12/21 I am on the other end of the spectrum. NO chance to celebrate when everyone wants their hair done before Christmas. (Insert Pouty face)
    I am feeling your pain, we are all very tired of family time in this house. Time to be finished with vacation!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!



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